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We value the integrity, the diligence and the know-how of our management and professional teams from coast to coast. With their leadership and expert knowledge, they help us bring our vision to life: make passenger rail the preferred way to move and connect people in Canada. Through new programs, services and technologies, they reinforce our commitment and presence in Canadian communities and abroad. They create valuable partnerships and success stories.


Typically, our professional teams cover the spectrum of corporate functions such as Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Transportation - Network Operations, Rolling Stock Maintenance, Real Estate & Facility Management, Finance, Information Technology, Project Management, Human Resources, Legal Services, Corporate Communication, Safety Security & Risk Management.

Nurturing management skills throughout the organization

We also nurture and mentor employees who have great leadership and easily engage a team towards ambitious goals. They are groomed for our management positions which span many career tracks at all levels of the organization.

Whether as a leader or professional, you will experience our supportive and inclusive environment to help you succeed in your new responsibilities. From the start, you will benefit from our Welcome aboard training program and then enjoy our continuous career training opportunities through our in-house VIA Leadership School. You will also appreciate all the other reasons why you should come on board.

Prepared to travel far with us? Come aboard and apply!

16 Results Found
Job title  Titre du poste  Date  Date  Location  Emplacement 
Diesel Engine Mechanic 09/11/2019 MONTREAL
Passenger Car Cleaners (General Workers) 09/09/2019 MONTREAL
Senior Procurement Specialist 09/09/2019 MONTREAL
BI Architect 09/06/2019 MONTREAL
IT Solution and Integration Architect 09/06/2019 MONTREAL
Electrician 08/30/2019 VANCOUVER
Passenger Car Cleaner (General Worker) 08/30/2019 VANCOUVER
Passenger Car Cleaner - Quebec 08/22/2019 QUEBEC
Advisor, Talent Acquisition 08/07/2019 MONTREAL
Railway Car Technician (Carman) 07/08/2019 VANCOUVER
Advisor, Payroll System Analyst 07/08/2019 MONTREAL
Officer, Facility Management 06/11/2019 VANCOUVER
On site Maintenance Technician- Jasper 06/11/2019 JASPER
Locomotive Attendant- Vancouver 05/08/2019 VANCOUVER
Project Engineer 04/30/2019 MONTREAL
Engineer, Mechanical 04/04/2019 MONTREAL

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